To begin your search for a trades license such as a plumber's or electrician's license, fill in at least one piece of information before choosing “Search”. If you do not know the exact spelling of a name, you can use search options such as “Begins With” to help you. And remember, the more information you can provide us with, the more accurate your search results will be.

License Types:
Westchester County issues four different types of trades licenses. You should be sure that a tradesperson has the appropriate license for the work you are requesting:
Master Electrician: A Master Electrician may perform electrical work in any municipality in Westchester County.Subtypes of this license (Reciprocal License, Special Electrician, and Electrical Inspector) may be individually searched in the license subtype field below.  
Countywide Master Plumber: A Countywide Master Plumber can perform plumbing work in any municipality in Westchester County.
Restricted Master Plumber: A Restricted Master Plumber can only perform plumbing work in specific Westchester County municipalities. Please be sure to view the details for Restricted Master Plumbers to learn which municipalities they are authorized to work.
Journey Level Plumbing Certificate:A Journey-Level Plumber may be employed by a Master Plumber. A Journey-Level Plumber is prohibited from individually entering into a contract to perform plumbing work.

What Information is Available?
If a tradesperson is licensed by Westchester County, you will be able to view their name and company details, if applicable. You will also be able to view the date the license expires. By clicking on links in the details column, you can view important information such as the expiration dates on various insurance policies such as Worker's Compensation and General Liability Insurance.

To search for an electrician or plumber with a current active license, fill in at least one field below and then choose "Search". To view a list of all licensees in a Westchester municipality, choose a "City or Town" and then "Search".

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